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to Love Sick, the fanlisting collective owned and maintained by Courtney (aka Drusilla) since May 2nd, 2009. I've been creating fanlistings since December of 2008 and had my start at when Michelle talked me into making fanlistings. Since then I've been addicted, and have slowly been growing my collection of fanlistings that I have been a fan of for, in most cases, years. Please take a look around, and join some fanlistings if you are a fan! Thanks!

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Psycho Stepsister

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It’s about damn time I re-vamped the fanlisting for Kathryn Merteuil from Cruel Intentions (played by Sarah Michelle Gellar). The old layout was just HORRIBLY ugly. I could NOT stand it anymore….. sooo… check out the new layout, I think it looks sexyy! :3 (visit

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